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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05Remotely sensed habitat assessment of bottomland hardwood and swamp habitat : West Shore Lake Pontchartrain Hurricane Storm Damage Risk Reduction System potential impact areaSaltus, Christina L.; Suir, Glenn M.
2021-09Developing conceptual models for assessing benefits and impacts of USACE activities on freshwater mussel communitiesHerman, Brook D.; Slack, William Todd.; Swannack, Todd S.
2021-09Evaluation of light limitation and depth on germinated seeds of two species of water chestnut cultured under experimental conditionsDodd, Lynde L.; Schad, Aaron N.
2021-09Evaluating drone truthing as an alternative to ground truthing : an example with wetland plant identificationSuir, Glenn M.; Saltus, Christina L.; Sasser, Charles E.; Harris, J. Mason.; Reif, Molly K.; Diaz, Rodrigo.; Giffin, Gabe.
2021-09Efficacy of florpyrauxifen-benzyl for eurasian watermilfoil control and nontarget Illinois pondweed, elodea, and coontail responseMudge, Christopher R.; Sartain, Bradley Todd, 1987-; Sperry, Benjamin P., 1992-; Getsinger, Kurt D.
2020-01; 2021-07Fate and effects of microcystin in nearshore and upland environments : a literature reviewMcQueen, Andrew D.; Habberfield, Michael W.; Keil, Karen G.; Suedel, Burton C.
2021-06Exploring How EWN Can Add Value to Climate Change InitiativesAltman, Safra.; Sheppard, Marshall.
2021-11Engineering With Nature : the role of mangroves in coastal protectionTomiczek, Tori.; Wargula, Anna.; Hurst, Nia R.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Provost, Leigh A.
2021-01Mississippi River Adaptive Hydraulics model development and evaluation, Commerce to New Madrid, Missouri, ReachGaines, Roger A.; Sanborn, Stephen C.; McAnally, William H.; Wallen, Christopher M.
2021-03Empirical analysis of effects of dike systems on channel morphology of the Lower Mississippi RiverMayne, Casey M.; May, David P.; Biedenharn, David S.