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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09Incorporating social and environmental outputs in decision-making : workshop outcomesGagnon, Paul R.; Gallihugh, Jeanette L.; Komlos, Shawn B.; Durden, Susan E.; Vaughan, E. Tyson.; Murray, Elizabeth O.; Estes, Trudy J.
2022-08Oyster reef connectivity : ecological benefits and associated vulnerabilitiesAltman, Safra.; Harris, R. Daniel.; McKay, S. Kyle.; Kjelland, Michael E.; Swannack, Todd M.
2021-09Evaluation of light limitation and depth on germinated seeds of two species of water chestnut cultured under experimental conditionsDodd, Lynde L.; Schad, Aaron N.
2020-11Evaluation of new endothall and florpyrauxifen-benzyl use patterns for controlling crested floating heart and giant salviniaMudge, Christopher R.; Netherland, Michael D.
2021-09Evaluating drone truthing as an alternative to ground truthing : an example with wetland plant identificationSuir, Glenn M.; Saltus, Christina L.; Sasser, Charles E.; Harris, J. Mason.; Reif, Molly K.; Diaz, Rodrigo.; Giffin, Gabe.
2022-05Growth assessments of starry stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa) in various substrate types for large-scale cultivation studiesPokrzywinski, Kaytee L.; Grasso, Christopher R.; Volk, Kaitlin.; Sartain, Bradley Todd, 1987-; Fernando, Brianna M.
2021-09Efficacy of florpyrauxifen-benzyl for eurasian watermilfoil control and nontarget Illinois pondweed, elodea, and coontail responseMudge, Christopher R.; Sartain, Bradley Todd, 1987-; Sperry, Benjamin P., 1992-; Getsinger, Kurt D.
2020-09A first examination of the interaction between Alternaria alternantherae and Agasicles hygrophila on Alternanthera philoxeroidesHarms, Nathan E.; Shearer, Judy F. (Judy Fredrickson)
2023-03Automatic Identification System (AIS) data case study : vessel traffic through the Yaquina Bay breakwater at Newport, OregonKress, Marin M.
2022-04Sustainable harmful algal bloom mitigation by 3D printed photocatalytic oxidation devices (3D-PODs)Kennedy, Alan James, 1976-; McQueen, Andrew D.; Ballentine, Mark L.; Fernando, Brianna M.; May, Lauren R.; Boyda, Jonna A.; Williams, Christopher B.; Bortner, Michael J.