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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06Hawaii Regional Sediment Management (RSM) : regional sediment budget for the West Maui RegionPodoski, Jessica H.; Smith, Thomas D.; Demirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.; Lillycrop, Linda S.
2008-08CMS-Wave: A nearshore spectral wave processes model for coastal inlets and navigation projectsLin, Lihwa.; Demirbilek, Zeki.; Mase, Hajime.; Zheng, Jinhai.; Yamada, Fumihiko, 1952-
2011-08Risks to navigation at the Matagorda Ship Channel Entrance, Texas. Phase 2, Evaluation of significant risk factorsGeotechnical and Structures Laboratory (U.S.); United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Galveston District.; Maynord, Stephen T.; Lin, Lihwa.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Webb, Dennis W.; Lynch, Gary C.; Wahl, Ronald E.; Leavell, Daniel A.; Yule, Donald E.; Dunbar, Joseph B.
2016-06Assessment of modifications for improving navigation at Hilo Harbor, HawaiiDemirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.; Hathaway, Kent K.; Butler, William C.; Nwogu, Okey G.; Podoski, Jessica H.; Smith, Thomas D.
2019-05Design water levels and waves for repairs of Buffalo Harbor North and South Breakwaters and LaSalle Park Seawall, Buffalo, New YorkDemirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.; Nwogu, Okey G.; Cross, Weston P.; O’Connell, Colleen M.; Chader, Shanon A.; Mohr, Michael C. (Michael Carl); Hintz, Geoffrey K.; Hint, Sheila E.; Draganac, Michael G.
2012-09Dredged material placement site capacity analysis for navigation improvement project at Grays Harbor, WAUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Seattle District.; Hayter, E. J.; Smith, S. Jarrell; Michalsen, David R.; Demirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.
2006-08Matagorda Ship Channel, Texas: Jetty stability studyKraus, Nicholas C.; Lin, Lihwa.; Batten, Brian K.; Brown, Gary L.
2005-09Laboratory study of hydrodynamics near absorbing and fully reflecting jettiesSeabergh, William C.; Lin, Lihwa.; Demirbilek, Zeki.
2010-12Waves, hydrodynamics and sediment transport modeling at Grays Harbor, WAUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Seattle District.; Demirbilek, Zeki.; Lin, Lihwa.; Smith, S. Jarrell; Hayter, E. J.; Smith, Ernest R.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Norwood, Gregory J.; Michalsen, David R.
2008-04Long-term structural solution for the mouth of Colorado River navigation channel, TexasHDR Infrastructure, Inc.; Kraus, Nicholas C.; Lin, Lihwa.; Smith, Ernest R.; Heilman, Daniel J.; Thomas, Robert C.