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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-022010/11 McMurdo Station snow-road strength and maintenanceMelendy, Terry D.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2008-08A field guide to the identification of the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) in the Arid West region of the Western United States : a delineation manualLichvar, Robert.; McColley, Shawn, M.
2006-07A generalized approach to soil strength prediction with machine learning methodsSeman, Peter M.
2014-08A guide to Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) delineation for non-perennial streams in the Western Mountains, Valleys, and Coast Region of the United StatesMersel, Matthew King.; Lichvar, Robert.
2001-08A method for producing fine-grained ice from snow by compactionDiemand, D. (Deborah); Klokov, Valeriĭ Dmitrievich.
2003-11A preliminary investigation of diffusion of volatile atmospheric acids in snowCragin, James H.; Leggett, Daniel C.
2008-02A reconnaissance snow survey across Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Canada, April 2007Sturm, Matthew.; Derksen, Chris.; Liston, Glen; Silis, Arvids.; Solie, Daniel.; Holmgren, Jon.; Huntington, Henry.
2014-08A review of land and stream classifications in support of developing a national Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) classificationMersel, Matthew King.; Lefebvre, Lindsey E.; Lichvar, Robert.
2007-06A review of the growth habits and restoration issues for Clitoria fragrans and Polygonella basiramiaPalazzo, A. J. (Antonio J.); Hardy, Susan E.; Cary, Timothy J.; Bashore, Terry.
2000-09A review of the thermodynamics of frost heaveHenry, Karen S.
2003-05A state-space model for ice forecastingDaly, Steven F.
2003-02A statistical micromechanical theory of cone penetration in granular materialsJohnson, Jerome B.
2015-03A technique to propagate Clitoria fragrans from xylopodiaCary, Timothy J.; Bashore, Terry L.; Leavitt, Laura M.; Palazzo, A. J. (Antonio J.)
2008-11Addressing uncertainty in signal propagation and sensor performance predictionsWilson, D. Keith.; Pettit, Chris.; MacKay, Sean.; Lewis, Matthew S.; Seman, Peter M.
2010-02Adsorption/desorption measurements of nitroglycerin and dinitrotoluene in Camp Edwards, Massachusetts soilClausen, Jay L.; Scott, Constance L.; Mulherin, Nathan D.; Bigl, Susan R.; Gooch, Gordon E.; Douglas, Thomas A.; Osgerby, Ian T.; Palm, B.
2016-02Advances in Antarctic sled technologyLever, J. H.; Weale, Jason C.; Kaempfer, Thomas U.; Preston, Monica J.
2012-09Airfield passenger transportation system at McMurdo Station, AntarcticaSeman, Peter M.
2001-02An ecological land survey for Fort Greely, AlaskaJorgenson, M. Torre.; Roth, Joanna E.; Smith, Michael D.; Schlenter, Sharon.; Lentz, Will.; Pullman, Erik R.; Racine, Charles H.
2003-09An ecological land survey for Fort Richardson, AlaskaJorgenson, M. Torre.; Roth, Joanna E.; Schlentner, Sharon F.; Pullman, Erik R.; Macander, Matt.; Racine, Charles H.
2005-04An examination of protocols for the collection of munitions-derived explosives residues on snow-covered iceWalsh, Michael R.; Walsh, Marianne E.; Ramsey, Charles A.; Jenkins, Thomas F.