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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Improving design methodologies and assessment tools for building on permafrost in a warming climateBjella, Kevin L.; Shur, Yuri.; Kanevskiy, Misha.; Duvoy, Paul.; Grunau, Bruno.; Best, John.; Bourne, Stephen.; Affleck, Rosa T.
2020-09Evaluation of solid-polymer-modified asphalt mixtures : phase 1 : construction and performance testing of field pavement sectionsDeCarlo, Christopher J.; Elshaer, Mohamed H.; Wheeler, Allan C.; Oren, Jared I.
2020-08Spatial and temporal variance in the thermal response of buried objectsClausen, Jay L.; Dorvee, Jason R.; Wagner, Anna M.; Frankenstein, Susan.; Morriss, Blaine F.; Claffey, Keran J.; Sobecki, Terrance M.; Williams, Christopher R.; Newman, Stephen D.; Booker, Brandon K.; Affleck, Rosa T.; Smith, Charles E.; Maxson, Michele L.; Bernier, Andrew P.; Jones, Bonnie J.
2020-08Concept for artificial freezing of sea ice at Winter Quarters Bay, AntarcticaWagner, Anna M.; Blaisdell, George L.
2020-07The urban ground-to-ground radio-frequency channel : measurement and modeling in the ultrahigh frequency bandBreton, Daniel J.; Haedrich, Caitlin E.; Hoch, Garrett R.; Streeter, Samuel S.; Maxson, Michele L.
2020-05Assessment for soil reuse standards at McMurdo StationAffleck, Rosa T.; Barker, Amanda J.; Meyer, Anita K.; Clausen, Jay L.
2020-05A generalized approach for modeling creep of snow foundationsO'Connor, Devin T.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2020-05Fenton’s Reagent treatability study for hydrocarbon-contaminated soils, McMurdo Station, AntarcticaBeal, Samuel A.; Mossell, Ashley M.; Affleck, Rosa T.; Clausen, Jay L.; Williams, Nathan D.
2019-11Preliminary assessment of landform soil strength on glaciated terrain in New HampshireHodgdon, Taylor S.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2020-02Sieve stack and laser diffraction particle size analysis of IMX-104 low-order detonation particlesBigl, Matthew F.; Beal, Samuel A.; Walsh, Michael R.; Ramsey, Charles A.; Burch, Katrina M.
2020-02Snow-road light-truck tire testingMelendy, Terry D.; Menke, Amelia M.; Friedman, Daphnie C.; Winter, Reed R.
2020-01Matrix and target particle-size effects on LIBS analysis of soilsBeal, Samuel A.; Mossell, Ashley M.; Clausen, Jay L.
2019-12Web-based monitoring of piezometers for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Moose Creek Dam, North Pole, AlaskaGelvin, Arthur B.; Williams, Christopher R.; Saari, Stephanie P.
2019-12Improving snow estimates over the Red River basin during the spring using empirical relationships between satellite snow water equivalent and snow-covered areaLetcher, Theodore W.; Vuyovich, Carrie M.; Jacobs, Jennifer M.
2019-11Frost-depth penetration and frost heave in frost-susceptible soilsLein, Wade A.; Slone, Scott Michael L.; Smith, Charles E.; Bernier, Andrew P.; Oren, Jared I.
2019-10Long-term durability of cold weather concrete phase I reportKennedy, Danielle E.; Watts, Benjamin E.; Smith, Charles E.; Oren, Jared I.
2019-10Ice management operations at Albeni Falls DamGiovando, Jeremy J.; Engel, Chandler S.; Rocks, Joseph S.; Daly, Steven F.; O’Connor, Devin T.; Hamill, Daniel D.
2019-09Influence of wetland indicator status ratings on the extent of hydrophytic vegetation during wetland delineationsPhotos, Corinna.; Lefebvre, Lindsey E.; Klein, John.; McKernan, Cristina E.; Goulet, Jennifer J.; Lichvar, Robert.
2019-09Joint Base Cape Cod small-arms ranges : lead and antimony batch-reaction studyBarker, Amanda J.; Beal, Samuel A.; Clausen, Jay L.
2019-09Unmanned aerial systems electromagnetic induction sensor development : evaluation of commercial-off-the-shelf unmanned aerial system motor interference and mitigation in airborne electromagnetic induction sensorsBarrowes, Benjamin E., 1973-; Glaser, Dan R.; Quinn, Brian G.; Prishvin, Mikheil.; Shubitidze, Fridon.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 381