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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959-07Flexural strength of clear lake iceMichigan College of Mining and Technology. Dept. of Civil Engineering.; Hitch, Robert D.
1955-06Friction on snow and iceUniversity of Minnesota. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.; University of Minnesota. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
1955-04Glaciological investigations in the Thule Ramp areaNorthwestern University (Evanston, Ill.); Schytt, S. Valter.
1960-04Glaciological investigations in the TUTO area of GreenlandUniversity of Denver.; Griffiths, Thomas Melvin, 1910-
1960-05Glaciological investigations, Nunatarssuaq ice ramp, northwestern GreenlandNorthwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Dept. of Geology.; Nobles, Laurence H. (Laurence Hewitt), 1927-
1960-05Ice cap access route, Narssarssuaq, Greenland : location and engineering evaluationLeighty, Robert Dwaine, 1930-; Poulin, Ambrose O.
1958-08Ice fabrics and the universal stageLangway, Chester C., 1929-
1961-01Ice tunnel closure phenomenaAbel, John F.
1958-02Ice tunnel, TUTO area, Greenland, 1956Colorado School of Mines.; University of Denver.; Rausch, Donald O.
1955-04Instrumentation of ice-cap stations : preliminary reportHansen, B. Lyle.
1950-01Interim report to Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research EstablishmentUniversity of Minnesota. Engineering Experiment Station.
1954-06Migration of moisture in the thermal regimeUniversity of Minnesota. Institute of Technology.; Brasted, Robert C.
1952-09Minutes of SIPRE Snow Compaction Conference : Sept. 4-5, 1952SIPRE Snow Compaction Conference (3rd : 1952).
1955-04Operations and logistics of ice-cap Party Crystal, 1954Benson, Carl S.
1957-04Penetration of shaped charges into frozen groundBenert, Robert.
1960-10Permafrost tunnel, Camp TUTO, GreenlandAbel, John F.
1960-07Photo-interpretation of vegetation : literature survey and analysisU.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.; Finley, Virginia P.
1951-06Preliminary investigations of some physical properties of snowBader, Henri, 1907-; Hansen, B. Lyle.; Joseph, Jerome A.; Sandgren, Marvin A.
1958-03Preliminary snow compaction field tests using dry processing methodsWuori, Albert F.
1957-07Preliminary study of crevasse formation : Blue Ice Valley, Greenland, 1955Occidental College.; Meier, Mark Frederick, 1925-; Conel, J. E.; Hoerni, J. A.; Melbourne, William G., 1930-; Pings, C. J.; Walker, P. T.