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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953-06Climatological study of Keweenaw PeninsulaGerdel, Robert W.; Diamond, Marvin.
1953-10Tests on snow beamsUnited States. Army. Engineer Research and Development Laboratories.; U.S. Army Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment. Frozen Ground Applied Research Branch.
1954-04Preliminary report on crevassesSchuster, Robert L.; Rigsby, George P.
1954-05Summary of snow compaction tests 1952-53, Kapuskasing, CanadaU. S. Army Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment. Field Operations and Analysis Branch.
1954-06Occurrence of blowing snow on the Greenland Ice Cap during 1953- 1954United States. Air Force.; United States. Weather Bureau.; Walsh, K. J.
1955-04Project blue ice : Greenland crevasse reconnaissance, summer 1954Small, Fred A.
1955-10Airfields on sea ice : practical recommendations, with ice thickness table for U.S. Navy planes: DHC-3, R-4D, SA-16, P-2V, R-4Q, and R-5DAssur, A.
1955-11Resupply of ice-cap expeditions by air dropBenson, Carl S.
1955-11Geography of Northeast GreenlandExpeditions Polaires Francaises.; Victor, Paul-Emile.
1956-02Project Jello : SIPRE Greenland expedition, 1955Quartermaster Food and Container Institute for the Armed Forces (U.S.); Benson, Carl S.; Ragle, Richard H.
1956-07Measurements by SIPRE in 1955 on the accumulation markers of Expéditions Polaires Françaises in central GreenlandExpedition Polaires Francaises, 1948-.; Benson, Carl S.; Ragle, Richard H.
1957-02The effect of snow properties on vehicle trafficability in the ArcticNorthwestern University (Evanston, Ill.); Skinrood, A.
1957-07The effect of explosives on snowFuchs, Alfred.
1957-08Movement observations on the Greenland Ice CapWallerstein, George.
1958-04Guide for Greenland dutyTangerman, John T.; Hinchcliffe, Robert R.; Morrison, Barbara J.
1958-07Polar glaciology study courseRagle, Richard H.
1959-02Literature survey of moisture migration in soils due to thermal gradientsNorthwestern University (Evanston, Ill.). Dept. of Civil Engineering.; Osterberg, John Oscar.; Fead, W. N.
1959-07Measurements of ice tunnel deformation, Camp Red Rock, GreenlandStandard Oil Company of Texas.; Ohio State University.; Hilty, Robert E.
1959-07Snow studies and other observations - Operation King Dog, Sondrestrom, GreenlandLangway, Chester C., 1929-
1959-07Grid technique for measuring ice tunnel deformationButkovich, Theodore R.; Landauer, J. K. (Joseph K.)