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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1953-08A method of analyzing geothermal data in permafrostNakaya, Ukichirō, 1900-1962.
1957-07A portable adiabatic calorimeterPolytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.; Hansen, B. Lyle.; Jellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-
1957-04A reconnaissance for a southern Greenland ice-cap access for military purposesFrost, Robert E.
1954-04A study of ice on an inland lakeWilson, James T.; Zumberge, James Herbert.; Marshall, Ernest W.
1957-11A survey of Arctic snow-cover properties as related to climatic conditionsUnited States. Weather Bureau.; Canada. Dept. of Transport. Meteorological Division.; Bilello, Michael A.
1958-05A thermally controlled soil freezing cabinetSchmertmann, John H.
1957-09Adhesive properties of iceJellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-
1960-07Adhesive properties of ice. part IIJellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-
1957-11Air permeability of snowBender, James A. (James Arthur), 1923-
1958-10Air temperature and precipitation on the Greenland Ice CapDiamond, Marvin.
1956-04Airfields on floating ice sheets for routine and emergency operationsAssur, A.
1955-10Airfields on sea ice : practical recommendations, with ice thickness table for U.S. Navy planes: DHC-3, R-4D, SA-16, P-2V, R-4Q, and R-5DAssur, A.
1960-07Analysis of a sub-ice heat sink for cooling power plantsUniversity of Denver.; Tien, Chi, 1930-
1955-07Avalanche conditions and avalanche research in the United States : with recommendations for future workNorthwestern University (Evanston, Ill.); Fuchs, Alfred.
1960-09Bomb penetration tests, Fort Churchill, CanadaCanada. Royal Canadian Air Force.; Barodynamics, Inc.; Livingston, Clifton W.
1960-07Bonding of flat ice surfaces : some preliminary resultsJellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-
1953-06Climatological study of Keweenaw PeninsulaGerdel, Robert W.; Diamond, Marvin.
1960-12Composition of sea ice and its tensile strengthAssur, A.
1957-08Compressive strength properties of snowJellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-
1957-08Contact angles between water and some polymeric materialsJellinek, H. H. G. (Hans Helmut Gunter), 1917-