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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12Improving winter traction for vehicles in northern operationsShoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette); Witte, Clifford F.; Karwaczynski, Sebastian.; Ellis, Clifton.; Matthews, Eoghan.; Bishel, Steven.; Bomier, Barry; McCullough, Ronald; Parker, Michael W.; Martin, Scott.; Kamprath, Nathan.; Welling, Orian Z.; Elder, Bruce C.
2022-08McMurdo Snow Roads and Transportation : final program summaryShoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette); Wieder, Wendy L.; Melendy, Terry D.
2019-07Estimating forest parameters using ground-based techniques with implications for airborne dataParker, Nancy E.; Whitecloud, Simone S.; Messan, Komi S.; Quinn, Brian G.; Vermeulen, Holly H.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette); Aoki, Carissa F.
2019-05A snow runway for supporting wheeled aircraft : Phoenix Airfield, McMurdo, AntarcticaHaehnel, Robert B.; Blaisdell, George L.; Melendy, Terry D.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette); Courville, Zoe R.
2021-04Automated terrain classification for vehicle mobility in off-road conditionsHodgdon, Taylor S.; Fuentes, Anthony J.; Olivier, Jason L.; Quinn, Brian G.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2019-11Preliminary assessment of landform soil strength on glaciated terrain in New HampshireHodgdon, Taylor S.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2020-08Seasonal effects on vehicle mobility : high-latitude case studyHodgdon, Taylor S.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette); Frankenstein, Susan.; Bigl, Matthew F.; Parker, Michael W.
2022-08Automated detection of austere entry landing zones : a “GRAIL Tools” validation assessmentSinclair, Samantha N.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2021-11Imagery classification for autonomous ground vehicle mobility in cold weather environmentsOlivier, Jason L.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)
2019-08SnowMicroPenetrometer applications for winter vehicle mobilityMeehan, Tate G.; Marshall, Hans-Peter.; Deeb, Elias J.; Shoop, Sally A. (Sally Annette)