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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1967-09The mechanical properties of sea iceUnited States. Coast Guard.; Weeks, W. F.; Assur, A.
1982-11The growth, structure, and properties of sea iceWeeks, W. F.; Ackley, Stephen F.
1965-10On the mode of uplift of the fish and fossiliferous moraines of the McMurdo Ice Shelf, AntarcticaGow, A. J. (Anthony Jack); Weeks, W. F.; Hendrickson, George.; Rowland, R.
1973-12Investigations performed on the Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment, March 1971Geological Survey (U.S.); National Science Foundation (U.S.). Office of Polar Programs.; United States. Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Ackley, Stephen F.; Hibler, William D.; Weeks, W. F.; Kovacs, Austin.; Hartwell, Allan D.; Campbell, William Joseph, 1930-
1969-01Effect of growth parameters on substructure spacing in NaCl ice crystalsDartmouth College. Department of Earth Sciences; Lofgren, Gary E.; Weeks, W. F.
1969-09Fracture of lake and sea iceUnited States. Office of Naval Research.; Weeks, W. F.; Assur, A.
1969-12Variation of some mechanical properties of polar snow, Camp Century, GreenlandKovacs, Austin.; Weeks, W. F.; Michitti, Frank.
1975-03Differential sea ice driftNational Science Foundation (U.S.); United States. Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Hibler, William D.; Weeks, W. F.; Kovacs, Austin.; Ackley, Stephen F.
1975-12Brine drainage and initial salt entrapment in sodium chloride icePolar Continental Shelf Project (Canada); Amoco Production Company.; Cox, G. F. N. (Gordon F. N.); Weeks, W. F.
1965-12Migration of liquid inclusions in single ice crystalsHoekstra, P. (Pieter); Osterkamp, Thomas E.; Weeks, W. F.