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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12Creation, transformation, and orientation adjustment of a building façade model for feature segmentation : transforming 3D building point cloud models into 2D georeferenced feature overlaysBlundell, S. Bruce.; Devine, Philip M.
2020-02New and Enhanced Tools for Civil Military Operations (NET-CMO)Wayant, Nicole M.; Becker, Sarah J.; Parker, Joshua M.; Blundell, S. Bruce.; Lyon, Susan L.; Maloney, Megan C.; Lopez, Robin E.; Griffin, Sean P.; Nedza, John A.
2020-02Local spatial dispersion for multiscale modeling of geospatial data : exploring dispersion measures to determine optimal raster data sample sizesBlundell, S. Bruce.; Wayant, Nicole M.
2020-02Spatial downscaling disease risk using random forests machine learningGriffin, Sean P.
2022-08User guide : the DEM Breakline and Differencing Analysis Tool—gridded elevation model analysis with a convenient graphical user interfaceBlundell, S. Bruce.
2019-10Robust methods for fusing heterogeneous spatiotemporal dataEllison, Charlotte L.; Roth, Zachary J.; Chen, Crystal.
2022-11Cross country mobility (CCM) modeling using triangulated irregular networks (TIN)Rehrer, Sarah E.; Griffin, Andrew W.; Renner, Matthew.
2022-10Snow-covered region improvements to a support vector machine-based semi-automated land cover mapping decision support toolO'Neill, Francis D.; Lasko, Kristofer D.; Sava, Elena.
2019-08Boolean decomposition of spatiotemporal tensorsChen, Crystal.; Ellison, Charlotte L.; Roth, Zachary J.; Simper, Mackenzie A.
2022-11Tutorial : the DEM Breakline and Differencing Analysis Tool—step-by-step workflows and procedures for effective gridded DEM analysisBlundell, S. Bruce.