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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11ROS integrated object detection for SLAM in unknown, low-visibility environmentsChristie, Benjamin A.; Ennasr, Osama.; Glaspell, Garry P.
2020-02Coincidence processing of photon-sensitive mapping lidar dataMarchant, Christian C.; Kirkpatrick, Ryan W.; Ober, David B.
2020-02New and Enhanced Tools for Civil Military Operations (NET-CMO)Wayant, Nicole M.; Becker, Sarah J.; Parker, Joshua M.; Blundell, S. Bruce.; Lyon, Susan L.; Maloney, Megan C.; Lopez, Robin E.; Griffin, Sean P.; Nedza, John A.
2022-09Analysis of spectropolarimetric responses in the visible and infrared for differentiation between similar materialsBecker, Sarah J.; Sussman, Heather S.; Blundell, S. Bruce.; Vanderbilt, Vern C.; Semyonov, Igor.
2022-06Adversarial artificial intelligence : implications for military operationsYu, Harland F.; Chopra, Saransh.
2020-07Spatiotemporally coherent tensor decompositions for the analysis of trajectory dataRuiz, Trevor.; Ellison, Charlotte L.
2020-09Understanding the disease vector operational environment by predicting presence of Anopheles mosquito breeding sites using maximum entropy modeling and the Maxent software platformLyon, Susan L.; Payne, Kathleen V.
2022-09Adapting agile philosophies and tools for a research environmentWayant, Nicole M.
2021-09A multi-biome study of tree cover detection using the Forest Cover IndexBecker, Sarah J.; Maloney, Megan C.; Griffin, Andrew W. H.
2023-01Three-dimensional geospatial product generation from tactical sources, co-registration assessment, and considerationsRuby, Jeffrey G.; Massaro, Richard D.; Anderson, John E.; Fischer, Robert L.