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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000-06Research in knowledge-based automatic feature extractionUniversity of Southern California. Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Nevatia, Ramakant.; Huertas, Andres.
2000-06Radius : model-based optimizationSRI International.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Fua, Pascal V.; Connolly, Christopher J.; Heller, Aaron J.; Quam, Lynn Herman.; Strat, Thomas M.
2001-03Ascender II : knowledge-directed image understanding for site reconstructionUniversity of Massachusetts at Amherst. Department of Computer and Information Science.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Hanson, Allen.; Riseman, Edward M.; Schultz, Howard.
2000-03Central California Valley interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) collectionDamron, James J.; Daniel, Carlton
2004-05Handbook for transformation of datums, projections, grids, and common coordinate systemsAckeret, James; Esch, Fred; Gard, Christopher D.; Gloeckler, Frederick; Oimen, Daniel; Perez, Juan; Simpson, Justin; Specht, Daniel; Stoner, David; Watts, Joe; Witte, Tom; Rossander, Harry
2008-09Functional decomposition of modeling and simulation terrain database generation process: using integration definition for function modelingYakich, Valerie; Lashlee, J. David (Jon David)
2000-06Generating a coastal boundary and merging bathymetry with DTED level 1 using archinfo: A modeling and simulation applicationDamron, James J.
2000-07Evaluating IFSAR and LIDAR technologies using archinfo: Red River pilot studyDamron, James J.; Daniel, Carlton
2000-09Comparing digital flood insurance rate maps (DFIRMs) to interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) productsDamron, James J.
2003-03Understory density characteristics in several midlatitude temperate forestsKrause, Paul F.; Puffenberger, Harry B.; Graff, Brian J.; Gard, Christopher D.