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Title: Towards a pre-intervention analytical methodology
Authors: Whalley, Lucy A.
Perkins, Timothy K.
Krooks, David A.
Hargrave, Michael L.
Rewerts, Chris C.
Keywords: Framework
Civil-military operations (CMO)
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous paper
Few systematic methods are available to guide analysis of sociocultural dynamics for the planning of civil-military operations (CMO). Military practice provides limited guidance on how to address history and sociocultural context in planning. Each case is addressed as a unique situation, at a high cost in terms of time and effort. This text, first presented to the “2nd International Conference on Cross-Cultural Decision Making: Focus 2012,” describes emerging results of a project entitled “Cultural Reasoning and Ethnographic Analysis for the Tactical Environment (CREATE).” A primary objective of the CREATE research is to develop a sociocultural analytical methodology to guide the sensemaking of analysts who support CMO planning. The methodology centers on a formal analytical framework that organizes a wide variety of sociocultural factors that, according to the social science literature, directly and indirectly pertain to a specific problem space. Data sources, analytical methods, and tools are aligned with the framework to produce guidance on how to develop models of a particular situation. The focus of the framework is to provide insight from social science research into the drivers of instability in the partner nation to aid analysts in developing explanations for situations of interest to a combatant command.
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