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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976-10Investigation of frost resistance of mortar and concreteUnited States. Army. Office of the Chief of Engineers.; Buck, Alan D.
1976-12A preliminary study of natural construction materials on St. Croix, U. S. Virgin IslandsUnited States. Department of Housing and Urban Development.; Patrick, David M.; Hyman, D. M. (David M.); Shamburger, J. H. (John H.); Buck, Alan D.; Hall, William B.
1986-05Variations in cementitious mediaReinhold, Ronald E.; Richter, Rudolf E.; Buck, Alan D.; Mather, Katharine.; Mather, Bryant.; McDonald, J. E. (James E.)
1988-06Use of pozzolan or slag in concrete to control alkali-silica reaction and sulfate attackBuck, Alan D.
1987-02Methods for controlling effects of alkali-silica reaction in concreteBuck, Alan D.; Mather, Katharine.
1984-07Reactivity of quartz at normal temperaturesUnited States. Assistant Secretary of the Army (R & D); Buck, Alan D.; Mather, Katharine.
1985-08Thermal stability of certain hydrated phases in systems made using Portland cementUnited States. Department of Energy.; Buck, Alan D.; Burkes, J. P.; Poole, Toy S.
1985-08Development of two candidate concrete mixtures (salt, nonsalt) for repository sealing applicationsUnited States. Department of Energy.; Buck, Alan D.
1985-08Development of a sanded expansive salt grout for repository sealing applicationUnited States. Department of Energy.; Buck, Alan D.; Boa, John A.; Walley, Donald M.
1985-09Characterization of several plasters and one retarder for repository sealing mixturesUnited States. Department of Energy.; Buck, Alan D.; Burkes, J. P.; Reinhold, Ronald E.