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Title: Land condition trend analysis (LCTA) data collection software users manual: version 1.0
Authors: Anderson, Alan B.
Sprouse, William L.
Kowalski, David G.
Brozka, Robert J.
Keywords: Automatic data collection systems
Land use
Military training camps
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical report
Abstract:The U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) developed the Land Condition-Trend Analysis (LCTA) program, a component of the Integrated Training Area Management program (ITAM). LCTA involves the inventory and monitoring of natural resources to document resource condition and assess the ability of the land to withstand impacts from training and testing. LCTA is currently in use at more than 40 installations with more than 7,200 permanent field plots installed. LCTA entails extensive data collection from field plots on military installations. Data is gathered annually on vegetation cover and composition, land use, and surface disturbance. Originally, this information was recorded on paper field sheets and later transcribed to a computer for storage and analysis. Each plot surveyed in the field required 16 sheets of paper with approximately 200 plots located on each installation. Data accuracy and integrity are primary considerations in LCTA data collection. In recording and transcribing such vast amounts of information, there is a high probability for error. Handheld field computers and customized LCTA data collection software can reduce data collection and transcription errors while eliminating manual processing and verification. This manual details the installation and use of customized LCTA data collection, database loading, and editing software. Each chapter covering the four software programs lists minimum system requirements for running the programs
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