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dc.contributorUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Sacramento District.-
dc.contributor.authorBerger, Rutherford C.-
dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: The primary objective of this study was to develop three distorted-scale salinity barriers for use in a comprehensive model of the San Francisco Bay-Delta. In addition, tests were conducted to define the influence of the structures on velocities and flow distribution as they may affect navigation or cause erosion and as the model distortion may affect velocity distribution. The tests were conducted in a 1:100 undistorted-scale model that reproduced about 2 miles of Carquinez Strait and a 1:100 vertical and 1:1000 horizontal distorted-scale model that reproduced about 4 miles of Carquinez Strait. The distorted-scale model included an artificial bend that exists in the San Francisco Bay-Delta model. All tests were conducted with steady-state flow in both ebb and flood directions. The head losses for each salinity barrier were defined for a range of discharges in both ebb and flood directions in the undistorted-scale model. Tests were then conducted in the distorted-scale model with various crest widths and side slopes of the salinity barriers until head losses were duplicated. Velocities were measured at 23 locations in the undistorted-scale model at 500,000 cfs with and without the salinity barrier to define changes in velocity distribution. Velocities were also measured at selected stations in the distorted-scale structure to define the influence of model distortion or flow distribution. Surface current patterns were defined for the salinity barrier that resulted in the highest probability of adverse erosion.-
dc.publisherHydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)-
dc.publisherEngineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTechnical report (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) ; HL-79-18.-
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dc.subjectCarquinez Strait-
dc.subjectHydraulic models-
dc.subjectSalt water barriers-
dc.subjectSaline water barriers-
dc.subjectSan Francisco Bay-Delta-
dc.titleCarquinez Strait, California, salinity barrier calibration study : hydraulic model investigation-
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