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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02guiBathy : A Graphical User Interface to Estimate Nearshore Bathymetry from Hovering Unmanned Aerial System ImageryBruder, Brittany L.; Brodie, Katherine L.; Hesser, Tyler J.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Farthing, Matthew W.; Geheran, Matthew P.; Renaud, Alexander D.
2019-07Coastal Lidar and Radar Imaging System (CLARIS) lidar data report : 2011 - 2017Spore, Nicholas J.; Renaud, Alexander D.; Conery, Ian W.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2019-11Quantifying wave breaking shape and suspended sediment in the surf zoneDickhudt, Patrick J.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.; Bak, A. Spicer.
2021-07Spatial variability of coastal foredune evolution, part A : timescales of months to yearsBrodie, Katherine L.; Conery, Ian W.; Cohn, Nicholas T.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Palmsten, Margaret L.
2016-10Importance of antecedent beach and surf-zone morphology to wave runup predictionsBrodie, Katherine L.
2016Data integration framework data management plan : remote sensing datasetSpore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2018-11Continuously operating dune-mounted lidar system at the Field Research Facility : a report detailing lidar collection, processing, evaluation, and product developmentBrodie, Katherine L.; Dyer, A. Tristan.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Slocum, Richard K.; O’Dea, Annika M.; Whitesides, E. Tucker.; Renaud, Alexander D.
2021-08Simultaneous mapping of coastal topography and bathymetry from a lightweight multicamera UASBrodie, Katherine L.; Bruder, Brittany L.; Slocum, Richard K.; Spore, Nicholas J.
2017-04Collection, processing, and accuracy of mobile terrestrial lidar survey data in the coastal environmentSpore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2018-07Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Flood Risk Management : Field Experiment ConspectusBruder, Brittany L.; Renaud, Alexander D.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.