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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08Validation of numerical modeling for flows near draghead in operationJohnston, Morgan M.; Hammack, E. Allen.; Smith, David L.
2022-05Low-Sill Control Structure gate load studySharp, Jeremy A. (Jeremy Allen), 1982-; Bryant, Duncan B.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-
2020-04Lower Columbia River Adaptive Hydraulics (AdH) model : development, water surface elevation validation, and sea level rise analysisPevey, Kimberly C.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-; Moritz, Hans R.; Childs, Elvon O.
2020-04Investigation into laboratory bathymetric measurement techniquesMcFall, Brian C.; Wolters, Guido.
2021-06Red River Structure physical model study : bulkhead testingBell, Gary L.; Bryant, Duncan B.
2022-02Wabash and Ohio River confluence hydraulic and sediment transport model investigation : a report for US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville DistrictBell, Gary L.; Abraham, David D.; Clifton, Nathan D.; Lamkin, Kenneth H.
2019-02Numerical model study of the flows around pile dikes and conventional rock dikes in the Columbia RiverHammack, E. Allen.; Johnston, Morgan M.; Smith, David S.
1998-09Design for navigation improvements at Nome Harbor, Alaska: coastal model investigationBottin, Robert R.; Acuff, Hugh F.
1997-10Navigation conditions at Point Marion Lock and Dam, Monongahela River: hydraulic model investigationWooley, Ronald T.
2002-09Upper Mississippi River lock filling and emptying system: hydraulic model investigationSanchez, Jose E.; Sanchez, Mario J.; Hite, John E.