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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05Finite element analysis of quoin block deterioration and load transfer mechanisms in miter gates : pintle and pintle connectionsDixon, DeAnna L.; Hodo, Wayne D.
2019-09Analyzing the St. Marys rapids for suitable fish habitat : an Engineering with Nature® demonstration projectSuedel, Burton C.; Wilkens, Justin L.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-; Calappi, Timothy J.; Labuhn, Katherine A.; Fowler, Patrick S.; Bachand, Marianne.; Guénard, Guillaume.
2022-032020 guided wave inspection of California Department of Water Resources tainter gate post-tensioned trunnion anchor rods : Oroville DamRay, Jason D.; Thurmer, Clayton R.
2019-07Feasibility of discontinuous quoin blocks for USACE miter gatesEick, Brian A.; Smith, Matthew D.; Fillmore, Travis B.
2021-06Red River Structure physical model study : bulkhead testingBell, Gary L.; Bryant, Duncan B.
2020-01Incidence of zebra mussel on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers structuresHay, K. James.; MacAllister, Irene E.; Wilson, Rebekah C.; Brake, Abigail M.
2021-09Acoustic nondestructive testing and measurement of tension for steel reinforcing membersMcInerney, Michael K.; Brenner, Matthew W.; Morefield, Sean W.; Weber, R. (Robert); Carlyle, John M.
2019-06Multiaxial fatigue strength of structural bolts under combined cyclic axial and shear demandsRiveros, Guillermo A.; Mahmoud, Hussam.; Lopez, Santiago R.
2019-02Numerical model study of the flows around pile dikes and conventional rock dikes in the Columbia RiverHammack, E. Allen.; Johnston, Morgan M.; Smith, David S.
1996-04Design of ice boomsFoltyn, E. P. (Edward P.); Tuthill, Andrew M.