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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08Guidelines for disposal of lead-based paint abatement wasteCurtin, Deborah R.
2022-08Geospatial suitability indices (GSI) toolbox : user's guideSaltus, Christina L.; McKay, S. Kyle.; Swannack, Todd M.
2019-08Evaluation of water quality/environmental management surveys on USACE managed reservoirs and waterwaysMedina, Victor F.; Butler, Afrachanna D.; Emery, Erich B.; Clyde, Gerald A.
2020-04Evaluation of the potential impacts of the proposed Mobile Harbor navigation channel expansion on the aquatic resources of Mobile Bay, AlabamaBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; Altman, Safra.; Reine, Kevin J.; Wilbur, Dara.; Kjelland, Michael E.; Gerald, Terry K.; Kim, Sung-Chan.; Piercy, Candice D.; Swannack, Todd M.; Slack, William Todd.; Killgore, K. Jack; Philley, Kevin D.; Beane, Nathan R.; Saltus, Christina L.; Balazik, Matthew T.; Keys, Tyler A.; Trahan, Corey J.
2020-03Analysis of nearshore placement of sediments at Ogden Dunes, IndianaYoung, David L.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; Li, Honghai.; McFall, Brian C.; Maloney, Erin C.; McClain, Kaitlyn E.; Bucaro, David F.; LeRoy, Jessica Z.; Duncker, James J.; Johnson, Kevin K.; Jackson, P. Ryan (Patrick Ryan)
2020-05Nearshore Placement Workshop 2019 : sediment nourishment of the nearshore environmentKrafft, Douglas R.; Young, David L.; Brutsche, Katherine E.; McFall, Brian C.; Bruder, Brittany L.
2020-12Environmental Quality Requirements Model Program Objective Memorandum Fiscal Years 2021–2025Knotek-Smith, Heather M.; Gerald, Jeffrey A.
2021-07Cyanobacteria harmful algal blooms (HABs) and US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) : research and servicesPokrzywinski, Kaytee L.; Grasso, Christopher R.; Rycroft, Taylor E.
2019-04A framework for prioritizing conservation of listed and at-risk species across taxa and installations : a demonstration using the DoD and Plant biodiversity hotspot of CaliforniaHohmann, Matthew G.; Wall, Wade A.
2021-09An evaluation of soil phosphorus storage capacity (SPSC) at proposed wetland restoration locations in the western Lake Erie BasinBerkowitz, Jacob F., 1979-; VanZomeren, Christine M.; Hurst, Nia R.; Sebastian, Kristina J.