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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Prototype test of a water jet system to mitigate the transport of Asian carp by bargesBryant, Duncan B.; Smith, S. Jarrell; Styles, Richard; Burnham, Benjamin C.; Callegan, Christopher J.; Marshall, Jonathan K.; Allison, Mary C.
2019-06Geophysical investigation at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska : subsurface features influencing Building 6385Speeter, Garrett.; Bjella, Kevin L.; Saari, Stephanie P.; Maakestad, Jon B.
2019-08Raven Rock Mountain Complex Site C Archaeological Phase I SurveyBaxter, Carey L.; Smith, Adam D.; Hartman, Ellen R.
2012-09Army ammunition and explosive safety standardsHurt, Tina M.
2017-07Adaptive Hydraulics (AdH) Version 4.6 DocumentationCoastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
2019-08Methods evaluation for assessing release of manufactured nanomaterials from polymers, consistent with the NanoGRID framework : Advanced and Additive Materials : Sustainability for Army AcquisitionsKennedy, Alan James, 1976-; Bednar, Anthony J.; Ballentine, Mark L.; Haber, Lynne T.; Canady, Richard A.
2019-02Evaluation of commercially available screeds for finishing of rapid-setting concreteCarruth, William D.
2019-02Trends in the USACE Ocean Disposal Database (1976-2015)Wilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.; Mitchell, Kenneth Ned.
2019-03Mississippi River Hydrodynamic and Delta Management Study : Delta Management modeling : AdH/SEDLIB multi-dimensional model validation and scenario analysis reportBrown, Gary L.; McAlpin, Jennifer N.; Pevey, Kimberly C.; Luong, Phu V.; Price, Cherie R.; Kleiss, Barbara A., 1958-
2019-10Houma Navigation Canal Lock Complex (TE-113) study, Louisiana : Houma Navigation Canal ship simulation resultsSanchez, Mario J.; Martin, S. Keith.; Johnston, Morgan M.