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dc.contributor.authorRichardson, Thomas W.-
dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: This report is based on a comprehensive literature survey of agitation dredging projects and the field data obtained from a small-scale monitoring study. Twenty-two agitation dredging projects are described from the standpoints of technical performance, environmental effects, and economic results. The projects encompassed seven different categories of agitation dredging equipment and several combinations of physical environment and sediment characteristics. The information gathered from these projects is used to develop a number of general and specific conclusions about agitation dredging and the types of applications for which it is best suited. Several categories of agitation dredging equipment are selected as having the most technical potential. The author recommends that existing agitation dredging technology be improved and standardized and that a comprehensive approach be developed for planning and conducting agitation dredging. NOTE: This file is large. Allow your browser several minutes to download the file.-
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dc.titleAgitation dredging : lessons and guidelines from past projects-
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