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dc.contributorUnited States. Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency.-
dc.contributor.authorShoenberger, James E.-
dc.contributor.authorGodwin, Lenford N.-
dc.contributor.authorGilbert, P. A.-
dc.contributor.authorLynch, Larry N.-
dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: This report documents a study that evaluated the mixture properties and field performance of stone matrix asphalt (SMA) mixtures. The study included a review of European practices and initial U.S. experiences with SMA design and construction. SMA mixtures were compared to standard dense-graded hot-mix asphalt mixtures using standard Marshall properties, indirect tensile tests, and unconfined creep-rebound tests. SMA design and construction parameters were investigated during two construction projects. SMA was placed on a taxi way on the Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom. A roadway and intersection were overlaid with SMA at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), California. The performance of the SMA at Edwards AFB, after 3 years of use, is reported.-
dc.publisherGeotechnical Laboratory (U.S.)-
dc.publisherEngineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTechnical report (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) ; GL-97-18.-
dc.rightsApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.-
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dc.subjectCellulose fibers-
dc.subjectMarshall properties-
dc.subjectDraindown test-
dc.subjectStone matrix asphalt-
dc.subjectHot-mix asphalt-
dc.subjectAsphalt pavements-
dc.subjectUnconfined creep-rebound-
dc.subjectIndirect tensile-
dc.subjectAsphalt concrete-
dc.subjectRunway pavements-
dc.titleEvaluation of stone matrix asphalt-
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