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Title: Index and bulk parameters for frequency-direction spectra measured at CERC field research facility, September 1988 to August 1989
Authors: Long, Charles E. (Charles Edward)
Smith, Wendy L.
Keywords: Frequency-direction spectra
Wave climate
Wave database
Wind waves
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous paper (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) ; CERC-93-1.
Description: Miscellaneous paper
Abstract: The directional distribution of wind-wave energy is an intuitively and demonstrably important aspect of sea state definition in coastal engineering design. Historically, there has been a shortage of high-resolution observations upon which to base engineering guidance. To remedy this, a multiyear series of measurements has been undertaken at the Field Research Facility of the Coastal Engineering Research Center, US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station. Cross-spectra of surface-corrected signals from a linear array of nine bottom-mounted pressure sensors have been used in conjunction with an iterative maximum likelihood algorithm to estimate frequency-direction spectra. The array was located in about 8 m of water, approximately 900 m offshore. This report indexes and describes means of access to 1,444 frequency-direction spectral observations obtained from September 1988 to August 1989. This period represents the third year of data collection. In addition to a list of data collection start times, a set of bulk parameters that can be used to characterize the observations is provided. These parameters include characteristic wave height, spectral peak frequency and corresponding peak period, peak wave direction, and directional spread. Time series graphs of these parameters, as well as local winds and currents, illustrate some of the salient climatology. Observed spectra have been archived on magnetic tape and can be provided to a user on request. This report describes the structure, format, and naming scheme of the data files and lists a FORTRAN program that can be used to read them.
January 1993
Rights: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
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