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dc.identifier.govdocSpecial Report ; 85-12-
dc.descriptionSpecial Report-
dc.description.abstractAbstract: A number of samples of commercial PVC groundwater monitoring pipe, which varied in schedule, diameter or manufacturer, were placed in contact with low concentrations of aqueous solutions of TNT, RDX, HMX and 2,4-DNT for 80 days under nonsterile conditions. Results indicated that there was some loss of TNT and HMX in the presence of PVC pipe compared to glass controls but that for the most part concentrations of analyte were equivalent between types of pipe. A second experiment was performed to determine if the losses were due solely to sorption or if biodegradation was also a factor. This experiment was done under a variety of groundwater conditions by varying salinity, initial pH and dissolved oxygen. The only case where there was increased loss of any substance because of the presence of PVC pipe was in the TNT solution under nonsterile conditions. This increased loss was thought to be associated with increased microbial degradation rather than sorption. Therefore, given the length of time of this experiment and the small amount of loss attributable to sorption, PVC groundwater monitoring pipe is acceptable for monitoring groundwater for these munitions. Several samples of PVC pipe were also leached with groundwater for 80 days and no detectable interferences were found by reversed phase HPLC analysis.-
dc.description.sponsorshipU.S. Army Toxic and Hazardous Materials Agency.-
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dc.titleSuitability of polyvinyl chloride pipe for monitoring TNT, RDX, HMX and DNT in groundwater-
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