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Title: Radar investigations of proposed utilidor sites at South Pole Station
Authors: National Science Foundation (U.S.)
Delaney, Allan J.
Arcone, Steven A.
Rand, John H.
Keywords: Buried debris
Ground penetrating radar
Antarctic regions
Snow tunnels
South Pole Station
Utilidor construction
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Special report (Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)) ; 99-10.
Description: Special Report
Abstract: At South Pole Station, ground penetrating radar profiles were recorded along the surveyed S–N and W–E routes of two proposed snow tunnels that would function as future water and sewer utilidors. The radar system was operated from within the cab of a tracked vehicle that towed two antennas in a sled. The two antennas transmitted pulses centered near 900 and 400 MHz to provide near-surface detail to penetration depths of 4.1 and 15.0 m, respectively. Eight longitudinal profiles, 518 m long, were recorded along the proposed S–N water line route, and 12 longitudinal profiles, 366 m long, were recorded along the proposed W–E sewer line route. Additional S–N profiles were recorded on the W–E route to delineate a particularly intense reflection. The profiles show that both proposed corridors contain many large and small buried items. Multiple targets at depths of 3.0 to 4.9 m occur along the S–N line. Along the W–E lines, there are multiple targets at similar depths. A particular area is densely cluttered and large targets appear on multiple parallel lines. Near the dome isolated targets appear at depths as great as 7.6 m.
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