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Title: Background study of Puerto Rico : briefing report for use in aerial sensing studies of tropical areas
Authors: Prentice, Virginia L.
Keywords: Puerto Rico
Aerial sensing
Remote sensing
Tropical areas
Multiband sensing
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Abstract: From the Preface: The Photographic Interpretation Research Division, U. S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, Hanover, N. H., is engaged in a program of multiband sensing research for engineering, military and scientific purposes. A portion of this broad study is concerned with the development and application of multiband sensing techniques in the tropical environment (TROPICAN) for obtaining information about (1) remote tropical surface features and (2) military activities against various tropical backgrounds. The original proposal for TROPICAN was submitted by Office, Chief of Engineers, Military Sciences Division, to Office, Chief of Research and Development, Army Research Office, on 26 March 1962 and provided for a means of exploring aerial sensing techniques in tropical areas by coordinating efforts of USA CRREL with tropical soil studies being initiated under Army Mobility Research Center (Project No. 8570-05-001). Later developments within ARO through discussions with Advanced Research Projects Agency made it worthwhile to expand the efforts of TROPICAN to include exploring the potentialities of aerial sensing in problems of immediate concern in other tropical areas. Toward this end, the scope of TROPICAN was revised to permit initiation of field activities in Puerto Rico in early fall 1962. Information contained in this report provided the basis for briefing field personnel about natural and cultural aspects of Puerto Rico prior to field work. The material was obtained through an extensive literature search and review. The Bibliography, while lengthy, is not exhaustive for Puerto Rico. In reviewing the literature primary emphasis was placed on soils, rocks, vegetation, physical makeup, and land use. Engineering aspects, that is, problems related to location, design, construction, etc., were not included in the literature survey. Secondary emphasis was given to historical and sociological aspects.
Description: Special Report
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