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Title: Emplacement and stemming load measurements : Project Cannikin
Authors: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Ainsworth, Donnie L.
Glass, Dale.
Keywords: Cannikin (Project)
Stemming (explosions)
Underground explosions
Publisher: Concrete Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous paper (U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station) ; C-75-1.
Description: Miscellaneous paper
Abstract: The Waterways Experir:1ent Station (WES) participated in Project CANNIKIN, Amchitka Island, Alaska, during the period of September 1970 to November 1974. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL), Livermore, California, was provided support with instrumentation and personnel to monitor continuously the emplacement and stemming load for the CATJNIKIN nuclear experiment. Three gages were prepared mounting strain gages on 4-ft-long,, 10-3/4-in., PllO pup joint steel casing. Each gage was calibrated in the laboratory by pull-testing; to a load in excess of expected field loads and recording the gage output versus load. During the field operation, pup joint gages were placed in the device emplacement casing string at the following locations below the collar at final seating: 5305 ft, 2970 ft, and 72 ft. After connecting each gage in the casing string, the gage output was monitored as it was lowered downhole. The bottom gage provided critical loading information that was used in determining the rate of lowering of the device through several tight or misaligned areas. All three gages were monitored during the stemming operation providing pertinent information regarding stemming load transferred to device canister and casing string.
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