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Title: Admixtures
Authors: Mather, Bryant.
Keywords: Concrete
Publisher: Concrete Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous paper
Foreword: The Engineering Foundation convened a research conference on “Rapid Construction of Concrete Darns,” which was held at Pacific Grove, California, on 1-5 March 1970. Session IV of the conference was concerned with special cements and admixtures for rapid concrete dam construction Mr. Bryant Mather, Chief, Concrete Division, was requested to prepare the paper on admixtures for presentation at this session; however, he was unable to attend the meeting and present it. It was presented in his absence by Mr. J. M. Polatty, Chief, Engineering Mechanics Branch, Concrete Division. On the last day of the conference the participants approved a resolution which recommended that the papers, originally prepared as the basis for off-the-record discussions, be published. The manuscript was, therefore, referred for approval for publication to the Chief of Engineers and such approval, subject to certain comments, was granted on 20 May 1970. Directors of the Waterways Experiment Station during the preparation and publication of this paper were COL Levi A. Brown, CE, and COL Ernest D. Peixotto, CE. Technical Director was Mr. F. R. Brown.
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