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dc.contributorUnited States. National Bureau of Standards.-
dc.contributorCenter for Applied Mathematics (U.S.)-
dc.contributor.authorMandel, Betty.-
dc.contributor.authorBernal, Javier.-
dc.contributor.authorWitzgall, Christoph.-
dc.descriptionTechnical report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: The U.S. Anny Engineer Topographic Laboratories and the National Bureau of Standards investigated the computational feasibility of developing a contour-to-grid algorithm by: (l) sampling a large set of digitized cartographic contour data with a tolerance band technique, (2) its subsequent triangulation with a Voronoi (Delaunay, Thiessen) method and (3) the construction of an interpolating smooth synthetic surface from which grids can be generated at any given interval. This report presents a discussion on the results obtained.-
dc.publisherU.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories.-
dc.publisherEngineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)-
dc.relation.ispartofseriesETL ; 0472.-
dc.rightsApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.-
dc.sourceThis Digital Resource was created from scans of the Print Resource.-
dc.subjectClough-Tocher element-
dc.subjectContour line-
dc.subjectDelaunay diagram-
dc.subjectDigitized data-
dc.subjectFinite element method-
dc.subjectLine generalization-
dc.subjectSurface interpolation-
dc.subjectSynthetic surface-
dc.subjectTerrain modeling-
dc.subjectTheissen diagram-
dc.subjectTolerance band-
dc.subjectVoronoi diagram-
dc.titleContour-to-grid interpolation with nonlinear finite elements : a feasibility study-
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