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Title: Scattering from a vegetation layer with an irregular vegetation soil boundary
Authors: Hevenor, Richard A.
Keywords: Electromagnetic waves
Vegetation scattering
Issue Date: Oct-1981
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ETL ; 0270.
Description: Technical report
Abstract: A theoretical model is computed for the backscattering of electromagnetic waves from a layer of vegetation by using a first-order renormalization technique to determine volume scattering. The vegetation soil interface is assumed rough according to the tangent plane approximation and the scattering from this boundary is added incoherently to the volume scattering result. The mean wave in the vegetation is obtained using a bilocal approximation of the Dyson's equation. A free space dyadic Green's function is used, along with a correlation function of the dielectric fluctuations that are exponential in form and that also possess different correlation lengths in the x, y, and z, directions. Effective propagation constants are obtained for both horizontal and vertical polarization. The scattered wave is solved for by using a two-dimensional Fourier transform technique, and the boundary conditions at either end of the vegetation layer are matched. The far field backscatter coefficients are computed for both horizontal and vertical polarizations. The mean and variance of the dielectric fluctuations are calculated with the aid of Peake's model for the dielectric constant of vegetation. The theory is matched to experimental data taken from a corn field. The resulting values for the correlation parameters are then used to monitor the growth pattern of the corn field over a period of time. Comparisons between the theoretical and experimental results over this time period are shown. The theory is also matched to experimental data from spring and fall deciduous trees.
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