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Title: An analysis of LANDSAT systems for cartographic and terrain information
Authors: Vogel, Theodore C.
Keywords: Remote sensing
Aerial imagery
Photo interpretation
Multispectral imagery
Terrain analysis
Thematic mapping
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: ETL ; 0103.
Description: Technical report
Abstract: The scientific and technical literature is reviewed to analyze the capabilities of LANDSAT Systems 1, 2, 3, and 4 for hydrographic, topographic, planimetric, and thematic map compilation. The systems capabilities were analyzed according to the following qualitative code for a selected list of map and chart requirements: O - Not detectable, the map element cannot be discerned or located from either type of LANDSAT data; l - Detectable, map element can be detected but not identified from the type of LANDSAT data indicated; 2 - Identifiable, map element can be detected and recognized as a particular type of feature from the LANDSAT data indicated, e.g. road, canal, etc., collateral information may be required to reach this analysis level; 3 - Classifiable, LANDSAT data, with the use of all available collateral information, can provide the information required for the map element including all required measurements, e.g. width, length, and areas. It was concluded that LANDSAT 1, 2, 3 MSS data is compatible with National Map Accuracy Standards and can be used to update the map elements on map scales 1:1,000,000 through 1:250,000, although many of the cultural, hydrographic, and botanical elements may be unclassifiable. The improved systems capabilities of LANDSAT 4 may provide a method for updating map scales 1:1,000,000 through 1:50,000. However, many of the required cultural and hydrographic map elements may remain unclassifiable even with the Thematic Mapper system.
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