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Title: Evaluation of three state-of-the-art water-jet systems for cutting/removing concrete
Authors: Pace, Carl E.
Keywords: Concrete construction
Concrete deterioration
Concrete cutting
Concrete removal
Water jets
Publisher: Structures Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper (Structures Laboratory (U.S.)) ; SL-82-15
Abstract: This report documents a demonstration project conducted at the U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station to evaluate the capability of three waterjet systems for cutting or removing concrete or both. The Corps of Engineers is interested in the potential of this technology for such applications as rapid cutting of bomb-damaged sections of airfield pavement and removing of deteriorated sections of concrete structures at Civil Works projects. Because waterjet systems are capable of transmitting, without mechanical constraint, all of the available horsepower of their power sources into the concrete cutting/removing operation, they may prove to be an extremely efficient means of conducting such operations. Representatives of the University of Missouri at Rolla and the Colorado School of Mines demonstrated systems employing relatively low water pressures (10,000 psi). A representative of IIT Research Institute demonstrated a system employing a relatively high water pressure (40,000 psi). The demonstrations were conducted on a 12-in.-thick airfield pavement test section containing a chert aggregate and in which the concrete compressive strength was 8000 psi. The low-pressure water jets were able to cut a 6-in. slot in the concrete for a distance of 1-1/2 ft in a period of 14 minutes (a rate of 6.4 ft per hour). The relatively high-pressure water jet cut at rates of 9.6 ft per hour for shallow cuts (less than 5 in.) and 3 ft per hour for deeper cuts (greater than 5 in.). In addition, one of the low-pressure systems was used to remove some surface concrete. The results of this evaluation indicate that, although these water-jet systems did not demonstrate a capability for efficiently cutting concrete airfield pavements, the technology has potential. The low-pressure system demohstrated a capability for removing surface concrete efficiently.
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