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dc.contributorNavigation Systems Research Program (U.S.)-
dc.contributor.authorEbeling, Robert M., 1954--
dc.contributor.authorWhite, Barry C.-
dc.contributor.authorMohamed, Abdul N.-
dc.contributor.authorBarker, Bruce C.-
dc.descriptionTechnical Report-
dc.descriptionAbstract: To conduct a dynamic structural response analysis of flexible approach walls at Corps locks using structural dynamics engineering computer programs, a force time history is needed to represent the impact of a barge train with the approach wall. This technical report describes an engineering methodology used to create this pulse force time history normal to the wall. This engineering methodology is implemented with a PC-based FORTRAN program and visual modeler named Impact_Force. The engineering formulation for Impact_Force uses existing pulse data or synthetic pulse data and the impulse momentum principle to convert the linear momentum of a barge train into a pulse force time history acting normal to the approach wall. Included in this effort is the interpretation of the results from the 1997 full-scale barge train impact prototype experiments conducted at Old Lock and Dam 2 just north of Pittsburgh, PA, and of the 2008 full-scale barge train impact experiments conducted at Winfield Lock and Dam, Winfield, WV.-
dc.publisherInformation Technology Laboratory (U.S.)-
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dc.subjectFlexible lock approach wall-
dc.subjectForce time history-
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dc.subjectImpulse momentum principle-
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dc.subjectHydraulic structures-
dc.titleForce time history during the impact of a barge train with a lock approach wall using Impact_Force-
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