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Title: Assessment of heavy-lift equipment for in-the-wet construction of navigation structures
Authors: Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.
Innovations for Navigation Projects Research Program (U.S.)
Gerwick, Ben C.
Yao, Sam X.
Berner, Dale E.
Bittner, Robert R.
Keywords: A-frame crane barge
Jack-up crane barge
Revolving derrick
Catamaran barge
Lattice boom
Shear-leg crane barge
Floating crane
Lift-in construction
Heavy-lift equipment
Offshore crane barge
Underwater construction
In-the-wet construction
Hydraulic structures
Navigation structures
Publisher: Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: This report examines the basic requirements, advantages, and limitations of floating crane equipment used to lift and position large (up to 500-ton) prefabricated concrete elements for constructing inland locks and dams. The first part of the report provides background information on use of the float-in and lift-in construction methods. Chapter 2 describes basic requirements and evaluation criteria for heavy-lift equipment used for transporting and installing large prefabricated modules in the U.S. inland waterways. Chapter 3 summarizes an investigation of the eight general categories of heavy-lift equipment: lattice-boom crane (ringer- or pedestal-mounted) on floating barges, shear-leg (“A-frame”-type) crane barge, offshore crane barge, jack-up crane barge, catamaran barge with lifting beams, catamaran barge with linear jacks, float-over construction equipment, and synchronized multiple lifting systems. Each equipment type is evaluated with regard to cost, production rate, and suitability and availability for inland waterway construction. The critical features of each equipment type (lift capacity, availability, mobility and productivity, and economics) are discussed in Chapter 4 and summarized in Table 5. Appendixes A-F provide detailed technical data and cost estimates for heavy-lift equipment types.
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