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Title: User's guide to the CE-QUAL-ICM three-dimensional eutrophication model : release version 1.0
Authors: Cerco, C. F.
Cole, Thomas M.
Keywords: Eutrophication--Mathematical models
Water quality--Mathematical models
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report; EL-95-15.
Abstract: Abstract: CE-QUAL-ICM(Release 1.0) is a three-dimensional, time variable eutrophication model. CE-QUAL-ICM incorporates 22 state variables that include physical properties; multiple forms of algae, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and silica; and dissolved oxygen. The model incorporates a predictive submodel of benthic processes including sediment oxygen demand and sediment-water nutrient flux. Features of the model include the following: operational in one-, two, or three dimensional configurations; state variables may be individually activated or deactivated; computations may be restarted following interruption; internal averaging of model output over arbitrary intervals; computation and reporting of concentrations, mass transport, kinetics transformations, and mass balances; and debugging aids. The model does not compute hydrodynamics. Flows, diffusion coefficients, and volume must be specified externally and read into the model. The user must provide processors which prepare input files and process output for presentation. CE-QUAL-ICM is coded in ANSI Standard FORTRAN F77 and operates on a variety of platforms including 486 PC, unix work stations, and mainframe supercomputers.
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