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Static tests of reinforced concrete beams. Report 1, Development of iterative analysis procedure and tests of beams reinforced with steel, aluminum, and fiber glass, with and without helical compressive reinforcement

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Geymayer, H. G.

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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.


This report outlines a general iteration analysis procedure for estimating the flexural strength, the moment rotation, and the load deflection characteristics of reinforced concrete members with arbitrary cross section and arbitrary reinforcement (but symmetrical about the plane containing the applied loads). The method is based on the traditional assumptions made in elementary beam theory and on the actual stress strain relations of the reinforcement and concrete ac determined in standard tests but does not specify an ultimate compressive strain for concrete. Results of tests on 11 simply supported beamc of 6-ft span reinforced with single or multiple layers of high-strength steel, aluminum, and fiber-glass rods, both with and without helical confining reinforcement in the compression zone, are described and compared with analytical results. Agreement of theory and experiment was considered satisfactory in the majority of tests.


Technical Report


Concrete beams, Reinforced concrete, Aluminum, Steel, Glass fibers



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