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St. Stephen powerhouse fish lift, Cooper River Rediversion Project, South Carolina : hydraulic model investigation

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Murphy, Thomas E.
Hite, John E.

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Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)



Technial Report
Abstract: The St. Stephen Power Plant is located in Berkeley County, Soutb Carolina, approximately 1.9 miles north of the town of St. Stephen. It is located in the rediversion canal connecting Lake Moultrie and the Santee River. Included in tbe project is a reinforced concrete fish lift structure located on the north side of the powerhouse. The present fish lift structure does not provide sufficient attraction flow in the tailrace area, where the desired numbers of fish are likely to be drawn into the fish lift system. Tests were conducted on a 1:25-scale model of the powerhouse, fish lift entrances, and downstream tailrace canal. The purpose of the study was to investigate various alternatives to improve the fish attraction capabilities of the existing fish lift system. Walls were extended downstream from the original design fish lift to provide new entrance locations in areas more suitably located for fish attraction. The type 9 entrance modification is the recommended design. This modification provided for two fish entrances. The upstream entrance was located approximately 88 ft downstream of the present fish entrances, and the downstream entrance was located approximately 130 ft downstream of the present fish entrances at the bend of the north wing wall. Both entrances provided downstream flow along a wall leading to the entrance.


Draft tubes, Powerhouse, Fish lift, Tailrace canal, Hydraulic models, South Carolina, Cooper River, Hydraulic structures



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