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Porous Portland cement as an airport runway overlay: a laboratory evaluation

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Korhonen, C. J. (Charles J.)
Bayer, John J.

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Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)



Special Report
Abstract: A company recently introduced a special mixing method for producing stronger porous portland cement concrete than that was made using standard mixing techniques. The process, which includes no admixtures, relies on a patented high-speed mixer to achieve the claimed results. The material, as designed by the company, was evaluated under laboratory conditions to de termine its suitability for use as an overlay on concrete runways in the cold regions. Evaluations included strength, permeability and freeze-thaw tests. Concrete strength was improved whenever the high-speed mixer was used. However, the improvements were erratic, ranging from 2 to 37% stronger than the same concrete mixed using the standard technique. The mix design used by the company was fairly permeable to water but was not resistant to freezing and thawing when water was ponded on it. Further improvements are needed in both the consistency of strength and the resistance to frost of this material before it can be considered for cold regions applications.


High-speed mixing, Laboratory tests, Portland cement concrete, Runway pavements, Runways



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