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The large strain, controlled rate of strain (LSCRS) device for consolidation testing of soft fine-grained soils

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Cargill, Kenneth W.

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Geotechnical Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)



Technical Report
Abstract: The development of a new device for consolidation testing of very soft fine-grained soils such as dredged materials is described. The new device is capable of Large Strains at a Controlled Rate of Strain and is referred to as LSCRS. The development of a self-weight consolidation device to supplement LSCRS testing is also described. A mathematical model of the LSCRS test is first given in terms of the finite strain consolidation theory. Possible initial conditions are discussed and boundary conditions for singly and doubly drained cases are derived. Then , by the computer program CRST (also developed in this study), the effects of various test parameters at constant and variable strain rates are demonstrated. This leads to the definition of an idealized test. The physical attributes of the LSCRS test device and self-weight consolidation device are documented along with both testing and data interpretation procedures. The aim of these tests is the definition of the void ratio-effective stress and void ratio-permeability relationships for soft soils throughout the full range of possible void ratios at which they might exist in the field. Analysis of LSCRS test data is accomplished by the computer program LSCRS. A testing program for three typical dredged material slurries is described, and the relationships derived from the tests are compared to previous oedometer tests. Appendices to the report contain user's guides and listings for the computer programs CRST and LSCRS. Figures depicting the results of self-weight consolidation tests and the excess pore pressure distribution from LSCRS tests are also included. NOTE: This is a large file. Please allow your browser several minutes to download the file.


Containment areas, Dredging, Dredged material, Finite strain consolidation, Finite strain theory, Self-weight consolidation, Slurried soil, Soil consolidation tests, Dredging spoil, Equipment, Instruments, Computer programs, CRST (computer program), LSCRS (computer program)



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